Where you bin all my life?

This is a question that we get asked a lot these days, "Where you bin all my life?" Fortunately we love a pun, but it's a good question for the people in Torbay that need a garden waste collection service
Simon Dickinson

We often get asked “where you bin all my life?” when people find out that we are offering reliable, regular collections of garden waste from homes in Torbay for a low monthly cost.

The service that Torbay needs

This is what we hear a lot, as of August 2022 Torbay does not have a council provided garden waste collection service. This leaves residents of Torbay having to take all of their garden waste to the tip, not so good if you only have a motorbike, or no vehicle at all – the local bus service isn’t a fan of bags of waste in the aisles, or for people that have cars, but are understandable unseen to have the inside of the car filled with garden waste, a customer of ours actually told us his daughter didn’t want to get back into the car after a tip run of garden waste as there were so many spiders that climbed out into the vehicle.

Let us take it away for you

In addition to the dumpy bags that we take away, we can also provide you with a wheelie bin collection service on a schedule to suit you. Simply use a wheelie bin (if you have one, if not you can buy one from us at cost. We’ll deliver it to you for free) Then book in a collection schedule to suit you. Most people seem to prefer the fortnightly service, although weekly and monthly are available, as well as an “ad-hoc” service if you only have limited garden waste. You leave the bin in an accessible location in your property, much like you would for the bin men, we arrive on the scheduled collection day and empty the bin. It’s as simple as that.

One off bin empty service
One off bin empty service


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